Stage 163 – Pune, Maharashtra to Takve, Maharashtra
April 27, 2016
Stage 165 – Wavandhal, Maharashtra to Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
April 29, 2016
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Stage 164 – Takve, Maharashtra to Wavandhal, Maharashtra

Stage 164 | Day 191

Date: 28th April 2016

Start Point: Takve, Maharashtra

End Point: Wavandhal, Maharashtra

Distance Covered: 40.25 km

Total Distance Covered: 5893.54 km

Time Taken: 4:56:45

Today, Michelle started her run from Takve, Maharashtra and ended it at Wavandhal, Maharashtra covering a distance of 40.25 km in 4 hours 56 Mins.

This run is also to help raise funds for the cause of women empowerment in India, so if you wish to help Michelle raise funds for the cause please visit her crowdfunding page.

Check the updated route map:

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