Run Validation

‘The Great India Quadrilateral Run’ is validated as per the Guinness World Records guidelines.


1. Garmin Watch

Michelle while running wore a Garmin wristwatch. Its purpose was to help in providing a variety of important information including compass bearings, altitude, training effect and even GPS location. The data from the watch was uploaded on a laptop and then on the Michelle Kakade website, as well as  the Garmin website.

The Garmin watch will also be used to live track the run, the details of the live tracking will be updated regularly on the website.

2. Photos and Videos

Photos and videos of the run were regularly uploaded on the website for each and every location where Michelle ran.

2 videos were taken every day: One at the start point, and one at the end point. These videos were uploaded as soon as the stage ended.

Photos taken during the run of every stage were uploaded on the blog and these photos were geotagged.

3. Daily Log

A daily log of the event was maintained recording distance covered every day with the start point and the end point.

 4. Marking the points

The start and the end points were marked with a spray can with the date.

5. Daily Blog

At the end of each day, a blog was made on the website giving information about the day’s run and Michelle’s experience of the day with photos and videos.

6. Witness Statements

Crew members took witness statements of independent individuals who verified all relevant details of a record attempt.