Ageless Queen of Endurance

Veeram is heroism. It represents bravery and self-confidence. Valiance and fearlessness to take on challenges. Courage and intrepidity in the face of daunting odds is Veeram.

When Michelle decides the destination for her next feat, she guzzles from her inner fountain of Veeram. She feels a heightened sense of courage and grit as each day takes her closer to her race. Boldness in facing daunting challenges is what drives Michelle to undertake arduous runs. It is Veeram that prods her on as she leaves her footprints on the sands of treacherous deserts across the globe.

The mighty sand dune looms ahead…the scorching sun bakes her skin…the harsh wind blows coarse sand into her face…Michelle ploughs on…mile after mile…

Veeram deserts Michelle not even for a minute. Instead, it instils in her an unbeatable faith in her physical being. Veeram gives her a will of steel to go in the direction of her goal.

She emerged from the ashes of an over-protective motherhood and mundane homemaking. Like the proverbial phoenix, she shook off the layers of complacency that lethargy had deposited on her. At a time when most others were huffing and puffing their way through mid-life crisis, Michelle reinvented herself. Today, as she skips merrily towards 46, she has an identity that would leave most of us wonderstruck. Hers is a story of ‘making it happen’. It is a story of the unlimited powers of the mind and body. It is a story of steely resolve and mind-boggling endurance