The Sahara Race (Egypt)

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The Sahara Race (Egypt)

The Sahara Race
Michelle completed this race in October 2011. (2nd to 8th October 2011) and ran the race in 60 hours 9 minutes 14 seconds.

The race takes place in the hottest desert in the world. Competitors have to contend with a variety of terrains; both rock and sand, but will face endless miles of soaring sand dunes up to 122 meters (400 feet) high. The daytime heat is scorching with temperatures reaching 50 °C. To be successful, competitors will have to carefully manage the heat, their hydration, nutrition and rest, as well as the mental challenge of racing through endless dunes.



The total distance of the Sahara Race is 250 kilometers / 155 miles over six stages.


The Sahara Race is run across 7 days in 6 stages.


Michelle ran the race in 60 hours 9 minutes 14 seconds.


The world's biggest sand dunes can be seen (and climbed) in the Namib Desert. There are many over 300 meters / 1,000 feet high and stretching more than 32 kilometers / 20 miles long.